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Monthly Archives: September 2016

Hi Everyone.

Here’s Frankie, Freddie and Toby ready for their forever new home.,,,,,


….and this is Stan the English Bulldog, ready for his.


Here’s a couple more designs too.



 A Border Terrier.


A Cavalier King Charles.

Thanks for stopping by.

Hugs Sonia xx

Hi Everyone.

Here’s the French Bulldogs and Retrievers I’ve done for a friend.


This is Frankie & Freddie.


This is Toby.


This one’s not got a name yet as this is an extra one I made as I wasn’t sure which colour my friend wanted.

I’ve now been asked for English Bulldog, Black Poodle, Border Terrier, Cavalier King Charles. German Shepherd and Cats. So watch this space. I think I’m gonna be a little busy 😀

Hugs for now

Sonia xxx

Hi Everyone,

Here’s more doggies..

I’ve designed this selection myself.

dsc05042Old English Sheep dog.

He has got grey bits on his back and tail.

dsc05044A Rottie.


A Pomeranian.

Not sure if this is quite right and needs a bit more work.

Now working on French Bull dogs and Golden Retrievers. So watch this space.

What would you like to see ?

Hugs Sonia xx

Hi everyone.

Here’s some more doggie creations, as promised.

A poodle.


A Schnauzer.


A Golden Labrador


A Chocolate Labrador.


These were made using files for gift card holders on the silhouette store. I’ve just used the heads and then created a box base for them.

Pop back tomorrow for some more .

Hugs for now

Sonia xx


Hi Everyone.

Just thought I’d share some doggie creations with you.

dsc05050Can you Guess the Breeds?

Here he is in his presentation box.

Here’s a few more.


Maisie & Roo my son’s dogs.



They are also boxes so can hold little treats and I thought I could give them a Santa hat and turn them into treat boxes for your pooches for Christmas.


Please let me know your thoughts and

check back for some more breeds soon

Hugs for now

Sonia xx